Rio's Buongustaio


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The name of the Restaurant is "RIO'S Buongustaio (Rios Bongstaio)".
A bistro-style Italian・Roman cuisine in downtown like in Trastevere in Rome. "Rios" is a nickname when the owner was studying in Rome and is the name of the memorial of the Italian period. "Bongstaio" is Italian and meaning delicious things and gourmet. Connected it and made it "Rios Bongstaio" (a delicious one of Rio).
When I met this property located along the canal in Yokohama・Motomachi, I decided what I felt like fate.
I would like to make the concept to a downtown osteria (dining hall or bar) where you can enjoy eating and drinking freely like in Trastevere in Rome.
I would be pleased if you could taste a lot of people with deep Roman cuisine.
I'm looking forward to seeing you again here.

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